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Thursday, 2013-12-19 15:04 Age: 7 Years

Workshops on large scale testing and cloud services scalability

The two workshops will be held on March 22 in conjunction with ICPE 2014.


International Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Services (HotTopiCS 2014)

Software services are becoming more and more important and intertwined with our daily activities. With the growing complexity of software services and their unpredictably increasing workload, the scalability of these services becomes more and more critical. A scalable service’s implementation can sustain increasing work or load by consuming more hardware resources, as well as releasing hardware resources with decreasing work or load, all while fulfilling its SLAs.

The focus of this workshop is on service scalability: the mapping between a service’s work and load and its resulting resource consumption. Even more than performance, scalability is deeply rooted in the service’s architecture and high-level design. In this workshop, we will look at software service scalability from different angles. Scalability is relevant in conventional architectures but even more in cloud computing. Both modelling and analyses of scalability or its related properties like elasticity or efficiency as well as measurements to quantify scalability, elasticity or efficiency are relevant topics for the workshop.


International Workshop on Large Scale Testing (LT 2014)

Modern software systems ranging from e-commerce websites to telecommunication infrastructures must service millions of users. Many field problems of these systems are due to their inability to scale to field workloads, not due to feature bugs. In addition to conventional functional testing, these systems must be tested with large volumes of concurrent requests (called the load) to ensure the quality of these systems. The theme of this year’s workshop is Large-Scale Testing, which includes all different objectives and strategies of testing large-scale software systems using load. Examples of large-scale testing include live upgrade testing, load testing, high availability testing, operational profile testing, performance testing, reliability testing, stability testing and stress testing.