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Invited Keynote Speakers


March 24


Keynote: A Scalable System Software for Extremely Big Data Processing

Toyotaro Suzumura, IBM Research/University College Dublin


Toyotaro SuzumuraBiography:
Toyotaro Suzumura is a leading researcher of highly scalable graph search algorithms on supercomputers.  His team is working on a billion-scale agent simulation platform that could make a significant contribution to building smarter cities and solving a wide realm of social and business problems.





March 25


Keynote: Performance Awareness

Petr Tůma, Department of Distributed and Dependable Systems, Charles University, Czech Republic


Petr TumaBiography:
Petr Tůma leads a research group that has made major contributions to performance evaluation in areas such as middleware testing, regression benchmarking and measurement accuracy. His team's research on processor cache performance has won them the SPEC Kaivalya Dixit Award in 2009 and the Best Student Paper at ICPE 2012.





March 26


Keynote: Application Performance Management using Statistical Learning, Optimization, and Control

Xiaoyun Zhu, VMware (U.S.)


Xiaoyun ZhuBiography:
Xiaoyun Zhu develops automated resource and performance management solutions for virtualized datacenters and applications in cloud environments. She holds 19 patents and has co-authored more than 50 research papers on performance-related topics. Zhu received the Best Paper award at RTSS 2008 and ICAC 2011.